THE PERFECT DRAFT, 1 QB League, PPR, 10 Team, Snake Draft

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By Joe Castro – 

Round #1

  • No matter which spot you are picking in, you want to grab a top WR or RB. The fact that the WR class is so deep this year, I would suggest aiming for a top RB, especially if you have a top 3 pick. With Ezekiel Elliott being suspended, this switches things up a bit, but I still feel David Johnson, Le’Veon Bell, and LeSean McCoy are deserving of a top 3 pick or later, if someone in front of you goes wide receiver. If you are picking 4-10, you can’t go wrong with ANY of the top WRs. Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham Jr, Julio Jones, Jordy Nelson, Mike Evans and AJ Green are all worthy of a top 10 selection.

Round #2

  • Whether you go WR or RB in the first, my suggestion is to go RB in the 2nd round. Like I mentioned, the WR class is quite deep, so taking a top RB here is crucial. Guys like Jay Ajayi, Jordan Howard, Ezekiel Elliott, DeMarco Murray, Melvin Gordon, Todd Gurley, Lamar Miller, and Marshawn Lynch should all put up top #10 RB numbers this year, and will help you have a plug and play guy each week.

Round #3

  • Here is where I would make a move for a top TE. If Gronk falls to you, you have to take him! If not, I would try to grab Greg Olsen, Travis Kelce, Jimmy Graham, or Jordan Reed (in that order). Reed’s health scares me a bit, so I would shoot for one of the other guys if possible. Imagine a starting lineup of Julio Jones, Ezekiel Elliott, and Rob Gronkowski? Not a bad start to a championship team.

Round #4

  • This round is all about UPSIDE. Grabbing a solid player, who could end up out performing his draft position. Guys I would be targeting here would be Ty Montgomery, Keenan Allen, Alshon Jeffery, Brandin Cooks, Terrelle Pryor Sr, Tyreek Hill, Terrance West, or Isaiah Crowell. All these players took a step forward last year, and if they continue trending up, you might have a top #10 positional player to add to your already solid lineup.

Round #5

  • I know the QB class is deep, and there are at least 15 good QB options this year, but there is still only 4-5 GREAT options, and I am the type of guy who wants one of them on my squad. Having Drew Brees, Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Matt Ryan or Kirk Cousins will give you a clear advantage each week, because these QBs usually stay healthy, score a ton of points, and will average more then the guys in tier 2 or tier 3. That extra 5-10 points a week they average gives you an edge against a guy who goes WR in the 5th and then has to start Dak or Eli versus you.

Round #6

  • This round I would look for CONSISTENCY. Try to grab a guy who usually does well, and who should be able to produce weekly numbers barring injury. Guys I would be looking at here would be Emmanuel Sanders, Jarvis Landry, Frank Gore, Golden Tate, Julian Edelman, or Michael Crabtree. While none of these guys will hit top #10 status, they will give you consistent weekly scoring, and that peace of mind can go a long way as the year grinds on.

Round #7

  • Alright, now that you have built a solid team, its time to GAMBLE! Take a chance on a player with a huge ceiling! Go after Christian McCaffrey, Paul Perkins, Bilal Powell, Dalvin Cook, or Joe Mixon! All of these players have a BOOM upside to them, and you have room to gamble a bit after the great picks you have made in previous rounds.

Round #8

  • In this round you want to look at some familiar names, in new places. These guys have shown to be viable fantasy options in the past, and this year a new zip code might give them more reason to prove their value to the team and the fans. Brandon Marshall, Sammy Watkins, Pierre Garcon, Jeremy Maclin, Mike Gillislee, Danny Woodhead, LeGarrette Blount, or heck, even Adrian Peterson could all be great picks here. Nothing says motivation like revenge and proving the other team that let you go made a huge mistake.

Round #9

  • Don’t forget about these forgotten fantasy stars. Picking up someone like Martavis Bryant, Eddie Lacy, CJ Anderson, Doug Martin, Ameer Abdullah, Matt Forte, Randall Cobb, Mike Wallace or Kelvin Benjamin could end up being the steal of the draft this late in the game!

Round #10

  • Time to be sneaky. Go after a guy that others might not be targeting just yet. Cameron Meredith, Jamison Crowder, Robert Kelley, Willie Snead, Kareem Hunt, and DeVante Parker could all be sneaky pick ups here in the 10th round.

Round #11

  • Now is the time to grab your back up QB. Guys I would target if available are Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston, Ben Roethlisberger, Eli Manning, Dak Prescott, Tyrod Taylor, Carson Wentz, or Philip Rivers. This will give you a great backup, plus one less good option you will have to face weekly. Maybe aim for a guy who you have his top WR. That way when you play him in your lineup (Bye week or injury to your top guy), those points will double up.

Round #12

  • Here is where I would look to add a pass catching RB, and there should be plenty to choose from in this area. Tevin Coleman, Duke Johnson, Theo Riddick, Darren Sproles, Giovani Bernard, Shane Vereen, or Chris Thompson should all be available for you to pick from.

Round #13

  • In this round, I am picking my 2nd tight end, especially if I took Gronk or Reed earlier in the draft. Austin Hooper, OJ Howard, Eric Ebron, Hunter Henry, Evan Engram, Martellus Bennett, Zach Ertz, Jason Witten, or Tyler Eifert should all be available, and I will leave it up to you to go with your gut. My choices would be Eifert, Ebron, Bennett, Howard, in that order.

Round #14

  • Like I said earlier wideouts are DEEP this year, and I would grab another one here. Some options should include Cole Beasley, Robert Woods, Tyrell Williams, Corey Coleman, Rishard Matthews, Tavon Austin, Marvin Jones, Adam Thielen, or John Brown.

Round #15

  • I love me some rookies with upside and in this round I would try to make a steal that will drive other members in your league crazy when these guys blow up! Mike Williams, Zay Jones, Samaje Perine, John Ross, Corey Davis, Kenny Golladay and Alvin Kamara should be available, and any one of these guys could break onto the scene in 2017/2018!

Round #16

  • Handcuff Time! (Get your head out of the gutter). As we all know, having a top RB go down just sticks. So grab your handcuff, or maybe a competing team’s handcuff. Look at guys like Jamaal Charles, Jeremy Hill, Thomas Rawls, TJ Yeldon, Derrick Henry or Latavius Murray.

With the rest of your draft, I would look for depth, more handcuffs, defense and your kicker. Remember, this draft is all about YOU and you need to make sure you pick guys you want to root for each week. If you are a diehard Cowboys fan, drafting Odell might not be your best option. No matter what, there is never a 100% winning formula to Fantasy Football, hence the name FANTASY. We can only dream of glory, trust our gut, and hope that the Fantasy Gods decide to shine down upon us.

Here are some examples of teams my strategy would produce:


QBS – Aaron Rodgers, Eli Manning

RBS – David Johnson, Ezekiel Elliott, Paul Perkins, Darren Sproles, Alvin Kamara, Jeremy Hill

WRS – Terrelle Pryor Jr.,  Julian Edelman, Brandon Marshall, Kelvin Benjamin, DeVante Parker, Tyrell Williams

TES – Greg Olsen, Zach Ertz


QBS – Tom Brady, Dak Prescott

RBS – Jay Ajayi, Dalvin Cook, Danny Woodhead, Robert Kelley, Shane Vereen, Jamaal Charles

WRS – Odell Beckham Jr, Tyreek Hill, Jarvis Landry, Randall Cobb, Corey Coleman, Zay Jones

TES – Rob Gronkowski, Eric Ebron


QBS – Drew Brees, Philip Rivers

RBS – Le’Veon Bell, Jordan Howard, Joe Mixon, Adrian Peterson, Theo Riddick, Thomas Rawls

WRS – Brandin Cooks, Golden Tate, Willie Snead, Mike Wallace, Tavon Austin, Corey Davis

TES – Travis Kelce, Tyler Eifert


QBS – Matt Ryan, Ben Roethlisberger

RBS – Melvin Gordon, Frank Gore, Bilal Powell, Ameer Abdullah, Duke Johnson, Derrick Henry

WRS – Antonio Brown, Alshon Jeffery, Sammy Watkins, Cameron Meredith, Cole Beasley, Kenny Golladay

TES – Jordan Reed, Martellus Bennett

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