NBA: The 2018 Dallas Mavericks have taken tanking to a new low

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Who the hell is Kyle Collinsworth and why was he the Dallas Mavericks leading scorer last night (or for any team on any night ever in the history of the NBA for that matter)?

Here’s the answer: He’s a guard on the 2017-2018 Dallas Mavericks and he’s the leading scorer because Mavs’ Head Coach Rick Carlisle thought it prudent to rest Dirk Nowitzki, Harrison Barnes, AND Dennis Smith Jr. in last night’s road game in Orlando! Sorry to any Dallas transplants living and working in Orlando! The coach of your team does not feel that you are worthy of seeing ANY of the guys you paid to see play!

In addition to resting their Big 3 in the Orlando game, Yogi Ferrell and JJ Barea, the only two players anyone has heard of that were on the active roster last night, played 17 and 10 minutes respectively.

Hardcore fans will say, “But Dallas just announced that Dirk Nowitzki is having surgery and will miss the final three games! He’s obviously hurt!” which is technically true but, does anyone believe that if they were in the playoffs he’d opt for that surgery right now?!? Dwight Powell is the only guy who has a legitimate claim at being “hurt” in Dallas and Dirk’s surgery is being reported as a minor procedure that is being done to prepare for the 2018-19 season.

Finding answers to how bad the tanking has gotten in Dallas is better answered by asking one question: What if Dirk Nowitzki retires after this season?

He hasn’t said that he wants to and it seems unlikely but what if he walks away from the game? Is this really how he should go out? With a slew of DNP’s and playing 22 minutes a game, none in the fourth quarter, like he did on March 28 against a hated rival like the Lakers?

(Editor’s note: I was at this game. Dirk looked like Dirk! He upped his game against LA, proving he can still turn it on when he wants to. He went 4 of 7 shooting including 3 of 5 from three point land! I was there to see Dirk on the off chance it was his last game in LA. He didn’t disappoint, but Rick Carlisle did. I would’ve loved to have given him a standing ovation when he left the game in the fourth quarter but Dirk, Barnes and Dennis Smith Jr. didn’t play one second of the fourth quarter and even the dynamic youngster Yogi Ferrell subbed out with five minutes left in the game. If necessary Dallas, and Carlisle especially, should take a page from the Lakers’ playbook from the last five years. Play your ass off for at least 40 minutes, preferably 44+, and then do what you gotta do).

This is an abomination and a cause to issue refunds. Out of Dallas’ big three, NONE OF THEM ARE INJURED! Combine this with the fact that there is ZERO percent chance of Dallas winning a title next year and the problem is clear…The NBA has a serious tanking problem and coaches like Rick Carlisle are exacerbating the problem.



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