2018 Fantasy Football Sleepers Weepers Part Deux Podcast

The fans have spoken, so we are giving you a double dose of our Sleepers & Weepers Podcast! 2 more Players at each position who will either ball out and out perform their draft position… OR 2 more guys that if you draft them too high, might have you crying like a sad little girl or boy each week!

Fantasy titles are not easy and they are not won from being lucky, or being smart. They are made from listening to us, and then forming your OWN opinion on who you want to roll with each week and root for…as long as your opinion is based on what we told you, you’ll do fine!

Bottom Line: If you don’t make the right roster calls, don’t make make waiver wire moves, don’t make savvy trades, and don’t get a little lucky, you won’t win that glorious title!

So sit back, subscribe, and enjoy us week in and week out, giving you advice like this, to help you be the king of Fantasy Football!

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