Ryan Paul’s Fantasy Football Top 120

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By Ryan Paul – 

Honestly, when mainstream media pundits put out their Top 200 (or 300!) lists for fantasy it is truly for selfish reasons. They just want to make sure that they at least had the guy who’s going to be the next Earnest Graham in their rankings. “See I knew he was the real. That’s why I had him rated #45 at his position!” This is a waste of people’s time.

Getting your hands on quality rankings is a huge thing these days.

It’s with this in mind that I offer up my Top 120 list. All rankings are with PPR leagues in mind. If you’re not playing PPR I don’t want to know you let alone play in your league.

I’ve broken mine down by positions. Call it my Top 120 + 15 tight ends list because what kind of number is 135. (if you don’t get one of the top 15 tight ends then you’re just an A-Hole. Lol. But seriously, go get one of the top 5-10 guys. Don’t play waiver wire roulette at tight end. Seriously)

Also, these rankings are being published before one preseason snap happens. Adjust accordingly (and we will make minor adjustments as well and note the adjustments.)

(The numbers by the team initials are the bye weeks)

Top 30 quarterbacks for 2017

1. Drew Brees NO 5 – Don’t ever let anyone tell you that Drew Brees isn’t the best FF QB on the planet. Rodgers and Brady destroy him in real life. This isn’t real life. Fan-Ta-Sy!

2. Tom Brady NE 9 – Dreamboat!

3. Aaron Rodgers GB 8 – The Rodge!

4. Matt Ryan ATL 5 – Not the biggest Matty Ice fan but he made me a believer last year.

5. Derek Carr OAK 10

6. Andrew Luck IND 11

7. Russell Wilson SEA 6

8. Kirk Cousins WAS 5

9. Ben Roethlisberger PIT 9 – 12 Ben Boner games are still better than 14+ games of many other QBs. If he ever plays 15+ games again he will be a Top 7 QB. If…

10. Marcus Mariota TEN 8 – Whoever tells you that Mariota is a better FF option than Big Ben is lying to you.

11. Jameis Winston TB 11 – Hot pick. Don’t know why. Take him where he belongs and be happy. Pay too high a price and watch your season go up in flames.

12. Tyrod Taylor BUF 6

13. Matthew Stafford DET 7

14. Dak Prescott DAL 6

15. Cam Newton CAR 11 – Rotator cuffs are tricky. Put me in the unconvinced category.

16. Carson Wentz PHI 10

17. Andy Dalton CIN 6

18. Eli Manning NYG 8

19. Carson Palmer ARI 8

20. Jared Goff LAR 8 – This is one of my sleeper picks in terms of bottom barrel QBs. I wanted to put him higher than Palmer but my typing fingers would not allow it.

21. Blake Bortles JAC 8 – I’ve ridden this roller coaster. It’s not fun.

22. Philip Rivers LAC 9 – This year is the end of Philip Rivers as a bonafide NFL QB.

23. Alex Smith KC 10 – yes I know others don’t have him this high. He’s reliable. Especially as a backup or #2/#3 QB in a two QB league.

24. Joe Flacco BAL 10 – There isn’t a planet in existence where Glennon is better than Flacco in fantasy. Not one I want to live on anyways.

25. Mike Glennon CHI 9 – He should probably be dead last. But those weapons though.

26. Brian Hoyer SF 11 – I like this guy. I don’t know why. But I do.

27. Sam Bradford MIN 9

28. Jay Cutler MIA 11 – This guy has and will always suck. Don’t believe the hype. Please.

29. Josh McCown NYJ 11 – Somebody’s gonna be the QB there. Petty might be better but I doubt it.
30. Derek Anderson CAR 11 – Yes I know he’s a backup. I think he might play 6-16 games.  You heard it HERE FIRST (and only here; unless I’m wrong. Then this was a typo).


1. David Johnson ARI 8 – Anyone who tells you Le’Veon or Zeke is the #1 guy is lying to you.

2. Le’Veon Bell PIT 9

3. Ezekiel Elliott DAL 6

4. LeSean McCoy BUF 6 – Consensus #4 might want to prove he’s consensus Top Dawg.

5. Jordan Howard CHI 9 – Half Man. Half Bear. Half Pig. ManBearPig.

6. DeMarco Murray TEN 8 – See above. Not sure that he’s not still the best RB in football not named DJ.

7. Devonta Freeman ATL 5 – Your agent sucks! But if you’re both happy then Via Con Dios.

8. Leonard Fournette JAC 8 – this guy is the real. Don’t let anyone tell you different. Only Bortles can bottle this guy up.

9. Marshawn Lynch OAK 10 – Sooooooooo Beasty!

10. Jay Ajayi MIA 11 – I don’t think last year was a fluke. Could be very wrong. But not likely.

11. Melvin Gordon LAC 9 – Anyone who tells you Melvin is top five material is lying to you.

12. Todd Gurley LAR 8 – Give me Gurley!

13. Lamar Miller HOU 7

14. Christian McCaffrey CAR 11 – Slick pick. Just don’t overpay, Unless Cam is out. Then bet the farm.

15. Isaiah Crowell CLE 9

16. Joe Mixon CIN 6 – Don’t let your daughter date this guy and don’t let him slide past you in the middle rounds.

17. Carlos Hyde SF 11

18. Ty Montgomery GB 8 – Putting him ahead of Hyde should be criminal. Shame on most pundits. Shouldn’t be ahead of Blount either but man GB is a good situation for an RB with this much talent.

19. LeGarrette Blount PHI 10

20. Bilal Powell NYJ 11

21. Mark Ingram NO 5

22. Adrian Peterson NO 5 – Even if he drops dead after 8 games, they should be a hateful eight!

23. Paul Perkins NYG 8

24. Dalvin Cook MIN 9

25. Spencer Ware KC 10

26. Danny Woodhead BAL 10 – Woodcock!

27. Mike Gillislee NE 9 – The obvious #1 in an obvious committee. Might still be special.

28. Eddie Lacy SEA 6 – This could be a stupid low ranking or a stupid high ranking.

29. Matt Forte NYJ 11 – See above.

30. James White NE 9 – Was in line for a huge year till Gillislee made it a committee again.

31. Frank Gore IND 11 – What a career. Could go out with a big bang!

32. Rob Kelley WAS 5 – I like this guy. If Cousins comes down to earth and the weather turns early, this could be a 1300 yard stud in the LATE LATE ROUNDS. Key word: could.

33. Theo Riddick DET 7

34. Ameer Abdullah DET 7

35. Terrance West BAL 10

36. C.J. Anderson DEN 5 – this guy should take this ranking as an insult. He could blow up.

37. Jacquizz Rogers TB 11

38. Doug Martin TB 11 – Could be a pissed off Mighty Mouse (not liking that name is a bad sign though)

39. Duke Johnson Jr. CLE 9 – This guy isn’t good. But that name sure is.

40. Darren Sproles PHI 10 – this guy is dangerous and could be the pick of the year if Blount goes down.



1. Antonio Brown PIT 9

2. Julio Jones ATL 5 – Should be fine and be his usual Julio self. Key word there is should.

3. Odell Beckham Jr. NYG 8

4. Mike Evans TB 11 – Ranking him ahead of the Big 3 would be criminal…except maybe after this year.

5. Michael Thomas NO 5 – My sleeper pick. If it doesn’t work, this was a typo. In Payton I trust.

6. A.J. Green CIN 6

7. Jordy Nelson GB 8

8. Dez Bryant DAL 6 – Want to say he’s going to be a bust but I’m scared of him and Dak!

9. T.Y. Hilton IND 11

10. Brandin Cooks NE 9 – Perfect situation to see if he belongs even higher.

11. Doug Baldwin SEA 6

12. Amari Cooper OAK 10 – Tough putting Baldwin over Amari but this isn’t real life. Raiders have a ridiculous amount of weapons this year.

13. Terrelle Pryor Sr. WAS 5 – Anyone putting this guy ahead of Cooks doesn’t know much about football…or fantasy.

14. Jamison Crowder WAS 5 – I’m thinking that he is the real #1 in Washington but TP is a freak. We’ll see. If he is I’ll say I told you so. If not, I’ll say typo.

15. Michael Crabtree OAK 10 – the #2 in Oakland is rated higher than the #2 in GB. Interesting times.

16. Davante Adams GB 8


18. Demaryius Thomas DEN 5 – Playing one season with these QBs in Denver should be criminal, but I believe in John Elway. If he says one of those two guys can play, I’ll believe him…for now anyway.

19. DeAndre Hopkins HOU 7 – This is just savage. Demaryius, DeAndre or Marshall could all be Top 7 WRs with a different QB.

20. Tyreek Hill KC 10 – Possibly the most dynamic player in the league. This could be really low.

21. Jarvis Landry MIA 11 – If Cutler is worth a damn at all, this is really low for Jarvis. Top 10 talent for sure.

22. Kelvin Benjamin CAR 11

23. Julian Edelman NE 9

24. Larry Fitzgerald ARI 8

25. Sammy Watkins BUF 6 – Anyone putting Watkins above the five names listed above should be arrested and have their Fantasy Guru license revoked.

26. Alshon Jeffery PHI 10 – I’m not gonna fall for the banana in the tailpipe.

27. Keenan Allen LAC 9 – Not sure why mainstream pundits have him so high. He has to show it to me before I give him his spot back. He may remind me quickly or never be heard from again.

28. Jeremy Maclin BAL 10 – Am I crazy or is this guy going to blow up in BAL?!?

29. Martavis Bryant PIT 9

30. Golden Tate DET 7

31. Allen Robinson JAC 8

32. Emmanuel Sanders DEN 5 – See Hopkins, DeAndre.

33. Pierre Garcon SF 11 – Garcon! Coffee!

34. DeSean Jackson TB 11

35. Rishard Matthews TEN 8 – ESPN and others have Rishard (and DeSean) rated criminally low. These two are ballers and merit a flex spot on your team. The price cant be beat.

36. Stefon Diggs MIN 9

37. Ted Ginn Jr. NO 5 – Willie Snead will not be #2 in N.O.

38. Willie Snead NO 5

39. John Brown ARI 8 – sheriff John Brown!

40. Cameron Meredith CHI 9

41. Robert Woods LAR 8 – Woody gets a shot to show that he is a bonafide stud! Could be HUGE! Keyword: could.

42. Donte Moncrief IND 11

43. Mike Wallace BAL 10

44. Tyrell Williams LAC 9

45. Adam Thielen MIN 9

46. Kenny Britt CLE 9

47. Anquan Boldin BUF 6

48. DeVante Parker MIA 11

49. Randall Cobb GB 8

50. Eric Decker TEN 8 – Apparently Eric Decker is still in the League. Could still be TD machine and make me look silly. I just don’t see it.


1. Travis Kelce KC 10 – Anyone who tells you Gronk is still the man is lying to you.

2. Rob Gronkowski NE 9 – Gronk!

3. Greg Olsen CAR 11 – Greg!

4. Jimmy Graham SEA 6 – Jimmy!

5. Jordan Reed WAS 5 – I just don’t trust the guy like the rest of the world does. Could be wrong…really, really wrong.

6. Delanie Walker TEN 8 – If he played with Brees, Rodgers or Brady, he’s #1 easy.

7. Martellus Bennett GB 8 – I have him higher than most. Might even still be too low.

8. Tyler Eifert CIN 6 – Blah

9. Kyle Rudolph MIN 9 – I’ve ridden this roller coaster. It isn’t fun.

10. Julius Thomas MIA 11 – Jay Cutler is worthless but man he can sure check down to his TE.

11. Zach Ertz PHI 10 – If you have Zach Ertz you didn’t try hard enough at TE. You can also use learn at bestdogcratesreview.com./p>

12. Hunter Henry LAC 9

13. Eric Ebron DET 7

14. Austin Hooper ATL 5 – Apparently, there’s a guy in ATL named Hooper worth keeping an eye on?!? Remember my speech about self-serving rankings?!? Well here you go. I just like his hairdo.

15. Jason Witten DAL 6 – I want to quit you Jason Witten. I just don’t know how.

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