Rams Trade For Sammy Watkins, Bills Come Up Big Too

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By Ryan Paul – 

The Rams traded for Sammy Watkins Friday, highlighting the fact for everyone that GM Les Snead is in all out win-now, save my job mode and that the Rams aren’t going to be content with being an also-ran in the NFL and the LA Sports Market.

The Rams gave up a 2nd round pick and E.J. Gaines to get Watkins. Gaines is not a big-time player and while it’s arguable that the Rams could’ve gotten someone better than Watkins in the 2nd round next year, the fact remains that the Rams (and Snead) are going for broke NOW.

Snead may not be able to save his job if the Rams stink it up again, but the fact remains that all any LA fan ever asks is that the team spend money, make moves and make a true attempt to put a winner on the field.

LA is a town that wants winners, but really demands that owners try. On the surface, Donald Sterling was run out of town for being a racist D-Bag but the reality is that he had abused his power in too many ways and had burned too many bridges with fans and with NBA Brass and most of those burnt bridges centered around his all out lack of effort in putting a decent product on the court.

That being said, the Bills came up in their two trades this week, one with the Rams and one with the Philadelphia Eagles. Mainstream media is murdering the Bills, saying they are quitting, saying they are throwing away this year in order to be competitive next year.

This is asinine and just plain wrong. THE BILLS CAME UP HUGE! That 2nd round pick of the Rams could end up being REALLY high up in the 2nd round and could be (could being the keyword) a cornerstone of their team for the next 10 years and so could the 3rd rounder from the Eagles (some recent 3rd round draft picks of note: Russell Wilson, Jamaal Charles, Jimmy Graham, Justin Houston, Frank Gore, just to name a few).

The Bills got those two really valuable picks AND JORDAN MATTHEWS. That is the definition of coming up, not tanking. Jordan Matthews is a frustrating player that hasn’t completely tapped into his potential but he’s a damn good player to get to plug the hole left by Sammy Watkins, especially when you figure Sammy Watkins only played 8 games last year and looked decrepit.

Sammy Watkins, when healthy, is a world-class wideout, but the thing is his recent injuries may prevent him from ever duplicating his output from his rookie and sophomore campaigns. Since his second year in 2015, when he played 13 games, he’s never really been completely healthy. The Bills have to be ecstatic and are really hoping that their fanbase realizes that the only team tanking for next year is still just the Cleveland Browns.

That being said, here are the breakdowns of all the trades that went down this week.

Rams Acquire: Sammy Watkins and the Bills’ 2018 6th round pick

Buffalo Bills Acquire: former Rams DB E.J. Gaines and Rams’ 2018 2nd round pick; former Eagles WR Jordan Matthews and Eagles 2018 3rd round pick

Philadelphia Eagles Acquire: former Bills CB Ronald Darby

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