Players have the control and the NBA has a problem Podcast

The Boys are back after a Summer Hiatus (basically their offseason) and are already hitting midseason form! The NBA just ended it’s Season, and have been the talk of the Sports World, with major trades, the Draft, and daily rumors of who will be signing where? But, with the NBA being at possibly it’s peak, Ryan and Joe both see some major issues that could bring it all down in the future!

The Major Issues broken down in this show are:

  • The Free Agency Dilemma (When it starts, how deals get done, how players are now in Control)
  • The Super Max Contract and how that is pushing teams to the brink
  • The NBA Draft and how it starts BEFORE Free Agency is a joke
  • Player Loyalty to their contracts and how it affects so many people who are not being talked about
  • The NBA as a whole, and where could this current situation lead them

The Super Max Contract is putting the NBA in peril. Players making $40 million that aren’t very good anymore (Looking at you Chris Paul). Maxed out players giving their team “No Shot” at being contenders (Hello Detroit). And Players signing four year deals and bouncing out of town after one season (Seriously Paul George WTF).

The NBA is playing with fire and the problems are complex but Ryan and Joe have all the angles covered. Check out the latest edition of The Ryan and Joe Show for all the inside scoops.

Time Stamps:

  • 3:40 – show dives in
  • 4:00 – rundown of the show – The Fatal Flaw
  • 5:00 – Ryan drops the side note bombshell – The Super Max
  • 6:30 – AD the start of something bad
  • 8:40 – Ryan breaks down difference of Pro Athletes vs Everyone Else
  • 11:35 – Option 1 to fix the problem – you demand a trade while under contract = you lose 25% of your pay
  • 13:40 – other topics in today’s show
  • 17:30 – Joe offers Option 2 to fix the problem
  • 29:00 – how might gambling factor in
  • 31:30 – contracts being a joke
  • 33:00 – the free agency farce
  • 34:45 – free agency solution 1
  • 36:45 – free agency solution 2
  • 41:00 – were forgetting what matters most – the young men and their first experience in the NBA

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