NFL Fantasy: Top 10 Guys, by Position, not in the Top 10 Podcast

We all know that the first 4 rounds of a Fantasy Football draft are important, and if you nail all 4 picks, you will be well on your way to a Title! But what if your picks get injured, don’t live up to the hype, or just plain SUCK?

That’s where rounds 5-10 can save your draft, and help make up for an early round slip up you might have made. You can also hit it out of the park with a late round sleeper (which we will cover in the next podcast), but rounds 5-10 could be the most important, because in these rounds is where you fill out your roster, and get those 2nd and 3rd options at each position.

This podcast will help you rank all of the mid round picks that will help you create the perfect roster!

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