NBA Finals & LeBron going to the Warriors Podcast

Ryan and Joe are Laker Fans. Instead of saying and praying that LeBron signs with the Lakers, they’re trying the reverse Lavar Ball and speaking something into non-existence. If they predict LeBron is going to the Warriors, then it definitely won’t happen. So that’s the prediction: LeBron is definitely (not) going to the Warriors.

Speaking of Lavar Ball (which Ryan and Joe REALLY don’t like doing) The NBA Finals are over faster than Ball can stick his foot in his own mouth.

With a sweep over LeBron and his band of misfits, the super team of the Warriors have secured their place as one of the greatest teams of all time. But, did the Warriors win this, or were there multiple factors that handed them the Series? Ryan and Joe say it was a perfect storm of suckiness:

  • Ty Lue is a HORRIBLE Coach, PERIOD. The guy couldn’t coach his way out of a paper bag, and that will be proven when he starts next season 0-10 and is fired before we all eat too much turkey.
  • LeBron couldn’t keep his cool, and punched a wall (or JR Smith’s face) and then was never the same in games 2, 3 and 4.
  • Rodney Hood was robbed of showing his potential and will be an absolute steal for someone this off season (again this ties to point #1 above; what was Ty Lue thinking leaving this guy on the bench?)
  • JR Smith was NOT the reason the Cavs lost game 1, although he certainly didn’t help… The Refs stole that game from the Cavs, Hill missed the most important free throw of his career, and Lue didn’t coach his players up correctly for that last sequence; And then he completely throws JR under the bus after the game???!!! Man, Ryan and Joe can’t wait for him to be unemployed.

As for LeBron, he is most certainly leaving Cleveland, although they do have a small chance to resign him. Here are LeBron’s top options:

  • Cavaliers – 2% chance = Does ANYONE actually think he will stick around for another year of THAT?
  • Warriors – 10% chance = This would take a sign and trade, probably for Klay, but it could definitely happen
  • Celtics = 25% chance = If LeBron goes to Boston, expect to see Kyrie traded for Leonard
  • Rockets = 18% chance = It would take some math to make this work, but would make Houston the team to beat
  • Lakers = 25% chance = Ryan and Joe would have given them a higher shot before Zo’s Diss Track and Lavar’s word vomit
  • Sixers = 13% chance = This move would literally complete The Process and make Sixers a contender for next 5 years
  • The Field = 7% = Portland, Miami, NY, Denver, Clippers, San Antonio, and Chicago all have about 1% of hope each


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