McGregor will Knock Out Mayweather in the 6th Round, you heard it here first!

Google Images - Mariah Garnett

By Joe Castro – 

Ok, Ok, we get it. It’s a very bold prediction to say that a 49-0 Boxer will lose to a first time Boxer/MMA Fighter in his own sport, BUT the fact is that Floyd Mayweather has never faced someone like Conor McGregor.

McGregor may not be faster, more qualified, or more technical than any of Mayweather’s previous opponents, but one thing is for certain, he is unorthodox compared to standard Boxers. McGregor is a lefty who is going to attack Mayweather with a style he has never seen, coming at him from weird angles, and with a ferocity that only MMA fighters possess. Plus, McGregor is bigger and stronger than most of Mayweather’s past opponents, including Mayweather himself.

If this were an MMA fight, it would be over in the first 60 seconds, with Conor absolutely destroying Floyd. Since this is going to be just a boring and technical Boxing match, Mayweather will at least have a chance to do what he does best, which is dance around, back away, hold on, and score points with jabs. Once McGregor realizes after a few rounds that Mayweather’s weak punches aren’t going to knock him out, he will gain confidence and go for the knock out, since he knows Mayweather will for sure win a bout that goes to decision. There is ZERO chance a group of Boxing Judges hands a decision victory to a first time pro Boxer, versus Mayweather, the only hope Boxing has of remaining relevant… ZERO!

Conor knocks him out in the first minute of the 6th Round. Get your bets in now and thank me later.

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