Kyrie Irving’s Power Grab Was Diabolical!

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by Ryan Paul –

Kyrie irving is diabolical! I mean Kobe Bryant diabolical. Not since Shaq-Kobe (and it is and always will be Shaq first, then Kobe) have we seen a gutsier power grab than we saw from the man from down under.

And make no mistake, even though bigger media outlets won’t or can’t see it or say it, Kyrie attempted the unthinkable:  this was a play to run LeBron James out of Cleveland this year.

It obviously didn’t work out and now he is in another town, in another jersey (or is he?!? Stay Tuned…Update: Trade is official. Boston here he comes!)

Anybody watching Game of Thrones (or Trump-Pence) knows that you can never come directly at the King (or Khaleesi!). You’ve got to take the roundabout way and you better be damn sneaky about it too.

Kyrie was plenty sneaky about it, saying that he himself wanted to be traded. This was simply not true but it was all he could say and do. There is no way he could’ve gone to Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert with a straight face and say, “Get LeBron out of here.” He also couldn’t go to the media and say, “LeBron has to go” without hellfire and brimstone crashing down upon him. But for the informed fan, the message couldn’t have been more clear.

When Kyrie re-upped with Cleveland in 2014 it was BEFORE LeBronimal had returned. Many fans forget this key nugget of truth. Kyrie was ready to be the focal point, the savior that brought a ring to the sad-sack city of Cleveland. He was ready to have his own team.

And then quicker than you can say Swoosh! The King was back. And then Love landed. And then the ring ceremony soon followed. It was arguable, although also incorrect, that Kyrie was the third option on a championship team (he was a solid second).

The one guy that saw right through the move was LeBron himself. LeBron knew two things: 1) That it probably stung to be depicted by (uninformed) media as a #3 to a guy like Kevin Love, who arguably played second fiddle to Kevin Durant in making sure Cleveland went quietly into the night in the 2017 Finals (in 32 minutes per game he averaged one assist in the Finals on a team with LeBron, Kyrie and JR Smith; factor in his rep for being a baseball pass savant and this stat is INSANE; I will not debate this with anyone), and 2) Kyrie never wanted to leave the only team and town he has ever known, in his NBA career.

A lot of people that have mocked James’ representation and advisors as know-nothings have been proven wrong over the years. LeBron has gone from an 18 year old phenom with a blinding smile to a hardened veteran that has seen it all. He recognized the move a whole lot clearer than Shaquille O’Neal did back in the day and it was obvious to him what was happening .

Whether it was one of his advisors saying “This MotherF*cker is trying a misdirection/end around on you” or just the cagey James himself seeing right through the charade, James immediately came out and said that he would not be revoking his no-trade clause this year. You can also visit this site aquarium heater guide. It felt like an out of place announcement to many lay fans, but not to the hardcore.

LeBron drew a line in the sand and said “This is my town. At least for one more year until I bring my talents to the LakeShow! This is my house!”

When you take a run at LeBron IN CLEVELAND you better come with an army. Kyrie didn’t play it patient and now he’s in another town, but he took his shot at the King and that’s more than most people can say for themselves.

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