Bill Cosby was an emotionally abusive prick to Eddie Murphy

Wikimedia Commons - 2Serenity (Jennifer)

Things we learned from Eddie Murphy’s appearance on Jerry Seinfeld’s Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee:

  1. Bill Cosby was a jealous and abusive jerk to Eddie Murphy.
  2. Eddie Murphy has awesome stories about Barack Obama, Don Rickles, Sammy Davis Jr and Michael Jackson.
  3. At some point Murphy is going to do standup again.
  4. Murphy’s only regret is letting his standup comedy muscles “atrophy”.
  5. Jerry Seinfeld is going to buy the Comic Strip and Eddie Murphy is going to dojo there.
  6. The Porsche that Paul Walker died in is sick AF.
  7. Contrary to popular belief, Eddie Murphy is normal AF.
  8. Richard Pryor was also jealous of Eddie and would pull weird ghosting moves on him when he heard Eddie was at a particular spot around town.
  9. Murphy bombed so bad one time the club owner stiffed him on the agreed upon $50 and his dad had to come pick him up because he didn’t get his cab money.
  10. Eddie Murphy is a ninja at doing nothing.
  11.  “I can’t wear these shoes because I might get into a fight. I want traction. I’m ready. I’m always ready. If it comes to that…I still have it within me to go there!”

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